PCR Business Solutions are now offering the Utax 3 tier intelligent billing platform, which revolutionises the way in which we calculate colour printed page costs when new A3 or A4 MFP, ensuring our clients only pay for the colour they use.

Most of our competitors service agreements offer only a single flat rate for colour, usually around 5 pence per page and no matter what the percentage of coverage is. Intelligent Colour Coverage Billing completely changes this by measuring exactly how much toner is used and then bill accordingly.

How does it work?

Intelligent billing works on a 3 tier charging system, where most clients usages falls in the lower percentage bracket. We agree with you the percentage of the coverage and the rate for the page produced, on each 3 meters. Our technicians then sets up those parameters in the device and we obtain reports accordingly via our software. It’s 100% accurate, as each printed image is made up of thousands of tiny dots of toner. Three meters (one for each colour cartridge) inside your printing device, automatically count the exact number number of colour dots on each printed page, whilst a fourth meter measures the amount of black toner used on black and white pages. Colour coverage is calculated per page and then billed at the most appropriate cost for your organisation (rather than the 5/6% coverage cost industry standard).

Traditional Billing (the old way)

  • One fixed rate for black and white copies, another fixed rate for colour copies
  • Colour prints generally charged based on an industry standard of 5-6% coverage – no matter what the true colour coverage
  • Companies with low to medium colour usage end up paying more than they need

PCR Business Solutions Intelligent Billing System

  • Most business printing falls into the Low or Medium colour coverage categories – giving you lower costs for the colour coverage your business uses most.
  • Colour coverage levels between 0-100% can be monitored in increments of 0.1%, ensuring comprehensive and accurate measurements
  • Billing levels can be set based on an individual company’s usage profile.
  • Reduced print costs – only pay for the colour you use!
  • Lower cost of product ownership (TCO)
  • Complete visibility of all your print costs
  • No compromise on print quality
  • Instant usage access
  • Identify areas of high usage for improved business management
  • More accurate print costs for forecasting and budgeting
  • Increased sustainability. Less toner usage means less waste